M&Ms Chocolate Candy (2 Pack) Flavor Vote Crunchy Espresso Sharing Size, 8 Ounce Bags


$ 19.99

  • Contains: (2) M&M’s flavor vote crunchy espresso sharing size 8oz.
  • Give M&M’s flavor vote to kids, adults, girls, boys, also can use on birthdays, reunions, toddlers’ events, piñatas, parties, fiestas, candy buffets, decorate your Easter event.
  • M&M’s vote are made with dark chocolate and with cocoa rice crisp center (flavor espresso).
  • M&Ms for spring, summer, fall, winter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas gift, New Years, Valentine, Independence day
  • Hand picked and shipped. This is not a manufacturer’s created bundle. Every item is individually wrapped in individual manufacturer packaging

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